Friday, August 7, 2009

preloved toy - Free delivery for purchase more then 2 unit

Pooh musical toy RM10
battery operated
may not look new, but all funtioning, 3-4 musical sound

postage RM8

Fisher Price learning toy RM20
battery operated
all function, ABC, shapes, numbers & dial
some small scratch...
 postage RM8

Friday, July 31, 2009

Barbie Fairytopia Enchanted Meadow Playset

SOLD to Alin

Product Description
The fantastical Fairytopia Enchanted Meadow Playset is a magical home for fairies, pixies and mermaids, too. Girls can make Wonder Fairy and her friends fly gracefully over the Enchanted Meadow Playset. There is a waterfall that opens to reveal a vanity for Wonder Fairy and a sprite friend. A large iris with petals opens to reveal a tiny sprite house with two sprite dolls that live there. The Petal Pixie dolls can rest on the smaller leaf beds of the iris, and the top petals open to reveal another flowerbed, too. Includes lots of other wonderful accessories to help create a magical world for girls to play and pretend.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

baby carrier 6 in 1 SOLD

baby carrier, look new. with box, SOLD to Horhafiza- CD 14582845 MY

email or call 012-238 5040

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brand new coolababy cloth diaper

brand new Coolababy 1 size cloth diaper.
RM43 + 1 insert each. 2 available color. Green & baby blue. both for RM82

Product Information
Coolababy diapers are of high quality yet very affordable cloth diaper in town!
The diapers construction & material is somewhat similar (or BETTER) compared to some popular brand made in USA.
Recommended for daily usage.
Comes with 1 microfibre liner
Front snap with strong 3x3 adjuster to create Size S, M or L diaper.
OneSize diaper Fits baby between 3-13kg
Easy to adjust waist and leg
Super absorbent - 3 layer inserts and inner fleece
Soft inner fleece will wick away moist & feel soft on baby's skin
Waterproof outer with PUL lamination to prevent leakage - breathable
Made of 100% Polyester
Machine washable

Washing Instruction:
* Wash diapers prior to first use to remove residues from manufacture.
* If the diaper has been soiled, rinse diaper to remove dirt & toss into diaper pail or washing machine.
* Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.
* Use only 1/4 of detergent without enzyme in the washing.
* Tumble dry or line dry.
* If the stains from poop does not come off after washing, do not worry about it. Simply add some Bicarbonate of Soda into the washing and make sure to hang the diaper under direct sunlight.* You can fold traditional lampin to be used as the diaper inserts as well, since the outer will normally dry faster than the microfibre inserts.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brand new Palm & Pond pocket diaper

Brand new Palm & Pond cloth diaper Size L. each come with insert. new, never use before. Left peach color - outer layer nylon taffeta. right cream color - outerlayer cotton with hidden layer nylon taffeta.

reason for selling, dont like the size & material. SOLD

Description :
Hidden Layer : Nylon Taffeta PU Coated (3 times) makes this AIO.

Inner Layer : White supersoft microfleece which allows moisture to pass through and be absorbed into the diaper and continues to feel dry on its surface. The result is a happy baby with little cheeks that feel dry and makes for easier cleanup as poop doesn stick as well to fleece!

Care Instructions for Nylon Taffeta. Tumble dry not allow, Line Dry Remove insert before washingWash cold with additive free detergent. No bleach, no fabric softeners

Kick' n Crawl Playhouse By Fisher Price


Product information :

KICK'N CRAWL PLAYHOUSE is an activity quilt and playhouse in one, and it's filled with entertaining features that "grow" along with baby, from one developmental stage to the next! It startsout as a soft play quilt for infants, with stimulating patterns and activities to encourage batting and kicking. As baby grows, it converts to a crawl-through, peek-a-boo playhouse with features designed to inspire baby to get up and go! Machine washable. Ages birth & up.